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Note: Each activity requires a group of 10 people. The exact number of participants on the day of the activity will be based on official information.

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Sail in Style: Explore Our Exquisite Yacht Collection

1. Event Prices
Weekdays: 299 SGD/person (including BBQ)

Weekends: 299 SGD/person, BBQ available at an additional cost of 39 SGD/person

Number of people: 10 people
(Note: This group buying activity requires 10 participants.You can form a team on your own or participate in official random groupings.The minimum group size is 1 person,and the grouping will be successful once there are 10 people in the group.)

2.Seaside Fun

a.Yacht trip to St. John Island 4-5 hours

b.Enjoy WaveShark Jetboard & Foil

c.Inflatable flamingo boat

d.Private customized yacht BBQ

e.Team-building games

f.Sunset photography


a. One captain, one sailor, and one WaveShark operator will be present; the three staff members will provide on-site guidance for electric surfboard lessons.

b.WaveShark electric surfboards are available, including 3 efoils and 2 jetboards.