WaveShark Jetboard&Foil

Bringing surfing to people of all ages, all over the world.

  • After 1 session, 50% of the users can stand up from the board and achieve the first self-breakthrough.
  • After 5 sessions, 50% of users can start to fly and can start flying steadily and independently.
  • After 10 sessions, 75% can start to demonstrate difficult tricks, such as turning or drifting.

Catch the next wave about WaveShark

It's a surfboard you can play even if you can't swim, as well as a water supercar!

  • Easy to start

    For children, they get used to coping in the water and acquire greater capacities and abilities

  • Relieve stress

    It is a water yoga that allows you to enjoy the peace of one person, one board in water and feel your inner self.

  • Charming to show

    Even if you learn to surf from 70 years old, it's definitely possible to fly faster than a young man!

  • Cool to play

    You can do any challenge on WaveShark if you wish or even share a board with your petty dog!


JetSurfing Nation

They (WaveShark) have a really good jetboard. It's fast, it's durable, (it's) high quality, and it rides for a long time.

Boat International

These boards (WaveShark) are the ideal choice for thrill-seekers who demand the most exhilarating experiences.


It (Waveshark) is REALLY powerful.